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After a very tiring week, I decided to arrange a small trip to My Tho/Ben Tre (Mekong Delta) to refresh myself away from the city. On the way, we had breakfast and ate My Tho’s famous noodle. The flavor was so wonderful, my mouth waters whenever I think about it.
Lucky for us that it was a sunny day when we went on the tour (although there was hard rain a few days ago).
Beautiful sunshine on the Tien river
Beautiful sunshine on the Tien river
I felt very comfortable and relaxed when sitting on the motor boat, enjoying fresh air and the beautiful sunshine.
Phoenix Island
Coconut religion
Have you ever heard about Coconut religion? The people following this religion do not eat anything except coconut. Every night, there would be nine virgin girls accompanying the head of the religion to pray. After learning more about Coconut religion, we continued our expedition and went to Unicorn Island to try honey tea; we also tasted and learnt how local people make coconut candy; we enjoyed fresh tropical fruits with traditional Vietnamese music (don ca tai tu) in an orchard.
Coconut candy
Unicorn Island

Coconut candy production
Coconut candy production
We also explored some orchards along the canal by small sampan in a very peaceful environment with light winds and sparkling sunshine.
Along the canal
Sampan along the canal
The most wonderful time of the trip was when we ate elephant’s ear fish, one of the most popular dishes in the Mekong Delta. The flavor of it is really fantastic, especially when you roll it with rice paper, star fruit, vegetables, …, and dip it in fish sauce.
Elephant's ear fish
Elephant’s ear fish
On the way back home, we stopped at Hacota shop and had a chance to contemplate a lot of beautiful furniture here.
Hacota furniture shop
Nice Vietnamese traditional style furniture
This trip helped me to recharge my batteries and improve my knowledge of this wonderful region of Mekong Delta. I will try to arrange my time  so that I can travel there again and experience this world more and more.

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